Firstmed pharma is a dietary supplement manufacturer & supplier. and its brands are part of Firstmed Pharma. We are proud of being one of the first to receive the National Nutritional Food Association's (NNFA) GMP Seal of Approval. We are also celebrating our recent Organic Certification.

Firstmed Pharma provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality nutritional supplements backed my hard science. We currently offer products in 5 major therapeutic groups, so that healthcare professionals can meet their supplement needs with one order; and we provide state of the art customer service and technical support. Our goal is to support health care professionals with the highest quality nutrients and herbs available, along with the best customer service and on-call technical support staff of naturopathic doctors and advanced degree nutritionists.

We only sell our products to healcare professionals. If you are interested in distributing Bio-Slender or any of our products please contact Firstmed Pharma directly.

As experienced practitioners, we know how important a wide choice of quality products, prompt friendly service, and technical and research support can be to healthcare practitioners. We are always trying to improve our service and actively solicit your feedback and suggestions as to how we can serve you better.

We take care of you!

All Firstmed Pharma products have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. All supplements are tested to insure proper dissolution and absorption.


From initial concepts to finished package.

Starting a new product? or modifying an existing formula to make them more efficacious and gain greater consumer acceptance? We have you covered.

Firstmed Pharma maintains a vast warehouse of raw materials from around the world and has its own in-house coating capabilities to assure prompt turnaround.

Raw materials and packaging are ordered and quarantined upon arrival. Firstmed pharma's quality control staff inspect all materials before they are removed from the quarantine area. This is only one small part of the rigorous procedures NPI follows to maintain and exceed the requirements of GMP, DSHEA and GLP standards.
Our pharmacy department weighs out and blends the materials of your specific product. Firstmed pharma integrates the latest cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned care and know-how to ensure that every produced dosage is painstakingly watched over to meet or exceed stringent GMP standards.
Next, the weighed and blended ingredients are encapsulated. Much of our machinery is custom-constructed on-site to meet our strict standards of quality and performance. Firstmed pharma's manufacturing capabilities include tablet, filled hard capsule, softgel, powder, granule and liquid - in a full range of shapes and sizes. With more than a dozen compression and encapsulation process rooms, no order is too big or too small for us to handle.
Coating is the final step in the manufacturing process for tablets. Firstmed pharma can film coat your tablets in clear or custom colors. In addition, Firstmed pharma has the technology to create chewable or timed-release formulas.
After manufacturing is complete, our quality control department inspects the finished product. All testing takes place before the finished product is packaged. This is yet another measure we take to protect consumers, increase overall efficiency and avoid errors.
Firstmed pharma can package products in plastic in all colors and sizes, as well as in boxes and blister packs. Bio-Slender's fully automated packaging lines, along with the lot # and expiration date printed directly on the package, help insure the absolute pinnacle of quality. In addition, Firstmed pharma's graphic design department can help you create an attractive label or package design that complies with all regulations.






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